I have been using Unity 3D for few years and I've improved a lot. I'm still practicing nowadays by trying to make some intermediate game mechanics, and even though there are still many things I have to learn, I think I'm on the right way.

3D Modeler and Animator

I've been making 3D models for almost 4 years now, I've improved a lot, especially in implementing a good LOD system. I also like to rig my models and it seems like I can make a good job at weight painting. I sometime try to animate my models, but not always the results satisfy my expectations, but I'll keep trying to improve my skills.

Texture Artist

Of course a good 3D model needs an equally good texture, but that doesn't really seem to work for me, I improved a bit in this process, but it still remains the hardest part for me. I find myself comfortable with cartoon-like textures, but when it comes to realism all I can say is... not for me :/


If you've seen my models on SketchFab and you have any hint for me, or you are a beginner and may want some help from me to know how I got started and how I manage to Improve, feel free to text me. Just go to the Contact Me page and e-mail me!